Cool Music Suits!


Self Portrait

1 hr/ Day 1

I spent making chalk dust a prepping my canvas for the self portrait.

2.45 hrs/ Day 2

I began using the erasing technique on the charcoal paper. This is SOOOO difficult. I try to focus and make it a meditative routine with relaxing slow paced music. I began with the whitest white spot on the tip of my nose and worked out from that with value changes of the shapes of the shadows.

This was my ending point today and I can’t wait to work on it again!! I’m excited (after taking a nice break from looking at my face) to start up again.

2.45 hrs/ Day 3

3.5 hrs/ Day 4

after working on the self portrait again today I had a lot of frustration with getting the lips to look right. No matter what I did they never seemed to fit on my face the way my real lips did in my refection in the mirror. Then at the last minute of class, Nell told me to measure my lips proportions with the string and whaddaya know? They were too darn long. Those suckers needed to be almost half way erased to look proportional to my face. I am so grateful that this was figured out because that gets me that much closer to starting on my eye(s), depending if they fall of the canvas or not. I am really excited for continuing the project and seeing how much I can accomplish the next time through. It is amazing how much these actually look like the people drawing them. I fell almost like a professional artist or something. 🙂

2hrs/ Day 5

I erased the lips completely and redid them. They are the hardest feature for me to complete besides the right eye.

3.5/ Day 6

I did not like the right eye at all, lips are getting better, but they seem too big because of the shadows not being right. I had to use the string to get the correct length and position of them on my face. On the eyes, I was trying to make it fit my left eye but that was wrong because it would always come out the wrong size with “googly eyes.” I erased the eye and decided to come back the next day to give my frustration a break and time to calm down. I hope that it turns out better the next time when I come back with a fresh view on it.

2hrs/ Day 7

I began by blacking out the right eye to be able to have a clean slate to start on. I began with the string proportions to get the length and position correct. This method worked out well. Once I did that I began to go around the iris and pupil, this was a challenge since my face was turned slightly and that whole side of my face (including my eyeball) were darker.

After the iris was in, I did precise measurements of it with my handy dandy ruler. I got both sides to be exactly the same width and diameter. Next time I work I will try and get the eyes to look like they are more photo realistic. I will also be adding the final touch ups with charcoal to paper plus much much much more blending!

1.5 hrs/ Day 8

Here is the final product. I went back and lightened up the entire left side of my face to get a true complexion look. On top of that, I realized that my lips were a big component to why my face looked so wrong when compared to my own face. I took the top lip and narrowed it in order to make my face look more truthful. Lastly, I took the charcoal directly to the paper around the eyes so that they had a darker ring around the iris.

Setting up the Student Exhibit

This was a lot of fun, I learned even more about posting pictures on the wall with more accuracy. I had to add half of the measurement of the picture to 50.” Then I had to get help from my classmates to hold up levels to make sure that the picture was exactly even with the wall.

In the end all finished with great preciseness and the exhibit looks phenomenal (I feel like the Visual thinking class is a star at the show ) 🙂

(Plus I got to write my name on the Gallery walls, who could pass that up??)

Final Tiny Animals Critique

My animals were the Mertters.
Their powers are telekinesis and connectivity to their surroundings. They can attach to each other and swim in groups.their arms are write because they use then as tools to open things and food. They are half otter and half fish.

Tips for this Project:

Have time to be playful

Do it with child-like intent.(difficult because we are told to always think like “adults”

I really enjoyed this project because I was forced to think of something nonsensical. like my Mertters:

I used pieces of old stuffed animals and covered the fur in rubber cement to that they have a shiny wet look and also stick to each other (literally). I made them a little nest habitat out of organic materials. I used blue cellophane to symbolize water and the ocean, as well as the sea shell covering to the outside of it. Their environment is as important to the Mertters as them selves. They do not have any facial features because of their super power and being able to connect with each other on a mental level. They also have metal arms they use as tools to open shells and other food (protection from predators as well). and they have no legs which makes they part fish because of their fin-like tail.

My favorite of the other tiny animals was Anahita’s because they hold every bit of child like creativity and intention behind their process. The funniest thing about them is that they rebel when going through puberty, haha!! Good job Anahita!

Tiny Animals

I was brainstorming animals and came across 3 that I would like to create (includes brainstorming)!!

1) Otter

water, shiny, small, loving, fast, follower, smelly, snuggly




2)Sugar Glider


random, small, large eyes, brave, curious, nocturnal, areal, hider





3) Lemur


swift, curious, marsupial, fun, intellectual, fluffy, animates, jumper, climber, hungry

Graphical thinking in music

I think that this music video by Death Cab For Cutie displays the use of notes (instead of words) can create visual imagery. I think it is a beautiful video because of how the notes create the visual experience.


Final Version and Critique of Graphical Thinking

The Finished Project

I have created images that take formal qualities of obvious and subtle and proposed a message through these images to create a message.

These formal qualities have been brought together in order to create a set of formal understandings.

It was really difficult to create images from words, especially contrasting words that needed to be balanced. The second half with trying to find abstract qualities in everyday objects that reflect the words and drawings well.

When discussing my final project Nell suggested to not be completely focused on the process behind the image. Simply just have an understanding of a unified message/composition by taking the formula (the words) and making them build on itself into an image. Making the image what you want to be gives it a personal quality as well and allows everyone to create their own universal qualities and deep meanings for the images.

I took a flashlight directly at the camera for obvious and a flashlight to the wall for subtle. People in the class suggested that it had looked like the moon or the sun at different times of the day or in different types of weather. I liked Nell’s idea that by taking a picture of a light in a teacup would give it more similar qualities of the drawing because the light would disperse around the edges more. It would look kind or like a spiral galaxy and give it a deeper, more poetic meaning.